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Patches for firmware of Siemens Mobiles

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V_KLay - for patching, flashing and changing keyboard layout

Downloading V_KLay

V_KLay v3.3


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mirror 1


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mirror 2


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mirror 3


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(UA-IX, Ukraine)

V_KLay v3.3




WARNING! for х65 series: if you use loader, what is generated by other program, check that parameter "optAuthorization = 1" (without quotes) in section [PhoneCommonInfo] is exist in that loader. The .vkd file of loader you can open with help of any text editor, for ex. "Notepad".

List of supported phones in this version:

Siemens 1168, 2118, 2128, 3118, 3618, 6618, 6688, A35, A36, A40, A50, A52, A55, A60, C30, C35, C45, C55, C60, M35, M50, M55, MC60, ME45, MT50, S35, S40, S45, S55, SL42, SL45, SL55, SX1, CF62, A65, C65, CX65, M65, S65, SL65.

(Password boot) - connecting, using bootkey. Bootkey is unique for each phone. Bootkey of your phone must be writen in the loader (x65.vkd, open it as text file). You can calculate bootkey of your phone for ex. by program x65PapuaUtils. Or, more simple, with help of V_Code2VKD, witch, by default assigned on last (rightmost) button of external programs of V_KLay - just connect phone, select COM port, baud rate, press the button, the follow onscreen guides... After this use loader with ...(Password Boot), more info.

(Chaos BootPatch) - connecting to phone with bootcore that is patched by midlet-patcher from Chaos, more info. This method is obsolete, use (Password boot).

(Bootcore bug) - connecting to the phone, using bootcore bug.

(Patched bootcore) - connecting to the phone with patched bootcore.

(Test point) - (use it for x52 and older) - with test point - mean, that this driver for phone, in which test point connected to the ground. More you can read here (russian).

(online) - meah, that this driver for flashing the phones while it is on (normal working of phone). For use this driver in the SL45i you need to apply a patch from Mamaich (download it from here or  from site of author).

Languages of interface in this version:


Authors of language pack


Strelbytskyi Olexander                 Vitaliy Stopchans'kyy


ValeraVi,        Goblin,


ValeraVi,        Igs,






- MacKam - | e-mail:

Chinese (Simplified)


Chinese (Traditional)

JiangJunLing, http://JJL.VIP.CN


ACiD [mrp],


Dani Candela


Cyber Judas,  Antoine [KNet]






Rumen Marinov




Kiss Jуzsef


Jesus Moreno,


- mIRON -


DrimeR (Leskovets Igor)


Ohanjan Hrair, OHR

Multilanguage version. If you translate some new language - send to me a language file, and i will include it in next version of installation package. You can translate files, created by me, or you can sent to me a query (in forum or e-mail) for language file, or you can simply copy the english file  "english.h", rename it and edit. You must write translated phrases only between quotes in a rows, what begins with #define. Row above this row - is a phrase on english (do not edit it) what you need to translate and write below. DO NOT SPLIT the any rows! All phrases must occupy ONLY 1 ROW! In another words - QUANTITY OF ROWS IN YOUR TRANSLATED .h FILE MUST BE SAME AS IN ORIGINAL .h FILE!


Description of how to work with V_Klay in english (clicks: )

Die beschreibung V_KLay auf deutsch (clicks: )

Descrizione di come lavorare con V_Klay in italiano (clicks: )

Creation of the .vkp files of patches

SLFC from Chaos - download (clicks: )

For Windows, with console interface. Compares 2 files (fullflash). The result you can save in .vkp file.


FFPatch from Alexsandr Yablochkin - download (clicks: )

For Windows. Compares 2 files (fullflash). The result you can save in .vkp file. Also this program can search what patches is applied to the file with fullflash.


FullFlashComparer v2 from SHPION - download (clicks: )

For Windows. Compares 2 files (fullflash). The result you can see in a edit box, then you may save it in .vkp file.


FilesComparer v1.2 from SaiNT - download (clicks: ), from author's site (clicks: )

For DOS. Compares 2 files (fullflash).


Hex2VKP v0.1a от Redkin - download (clicks: ), from author's site (clicks: )

For Windows, with console interface. Intel .Hex to VKlay .VKP Converter.

Downloading old versions of V_KLay

V_KLay v2.7.2 - скачать (кликов: )


V_KLay v2.5 - download (clicks: )


V_KLay v2.1.5.2 (english) - download (clicks: )

update to V_KLay v2.1.12 - download (clicks: )


All archives you may open with WinRar version 3.0 or higher.

Before first applying the patch you must read full flash of the phone (make a fullflash backup). Saved full flash may be necessary in process of repairing of the phone.

All programs and files from this site is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to use in commercial objectives!

Authors do not suffer any responsibility for possible damage put by use of all that is on this page.

All that is on this page it is given AS IS.


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